Brown Rice Diet To Remove Toxins And Balance pH

The brown rice diet is a very inexpensive and easy diet for detoxification. Many health problems arise from the average diet in the industrialized world. It is high in refined foods, meat, fat, sugar, caffeine, chemicals, dyes, and alcohol. This results in a very acidic body pH.

It is critical to attain a pH balance near 7.0 to achieve the biochemical state necessary to heal most diseases. Heavy metal detoxification accelerates as blood chemistry is improved. The brown rice diet can reduce or eliminate many symptoms like arthritis, allergies, sinus problems, obesity, skin problems, headaches, chronic pain, digestive issues, and liver problems. Many brain disorders are made worse with bad diets. This diet is beneficial in determining with significance of your diet’s affect on your brain disorder. It is not a cure all and should be avoided by diabetics. Check with your healthcare practitioner prior to starting this diet if you have an extremely serious health problem, . If your symptoms drastically improve, you may assume that either you are allergic to some food you consume on a frequent basis or there is a chemical or metal exposure which may require further medical attention.

It is very important to detoxify on an annual basis and lower your body’s chemical and heavy metal load. The best way reduce your toxin load is to include other detox  therapies when you do a diet cleanse. These can include hot yoga, foot ionizing detoxification, far infrared sauna and exercise. Anything which makes you sweat will help remove chemicals and heavy metals.  The brown rice diet is preferable to water fasting or the Master Cleanse for toxin removal for most people.

This diet can be well tolerated for one to two weeks. Eat brown rice cooked in pure water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat five small meals of brown rice in order to stabilize glucose levels stable. For those who like the flavor of the herb Cilantro, add it to the cooking water of the rice. This will accelerate heavy metal removal. Drink a minimum of 6 to 10 glasses of purified mineral or spring water, fresh vegetable juice, and herbal non-caffeine tea. It is fine to add barley or wheat grass in liquid or tablet form. This will increase heavy metal removal.

Other diets which are good for detoxification include a raw fruit and vegetable diet. Do not use the Master Cleanse for a prolonged period if your goal is heavy metal detoxification. The toxin overload can occur due to heavy metals being excreted from your body. This can make you feel sick.

An annual parasite cleanse with an herbal formula is a great idea at least once a year for three weeks and imperative if you own animals. Approximately 35% to 40% of the USA population has parasites of some type. Using an broad spectrum herbal formula for an annual liver or gallbladder cleanse is also a good idea, especially if there are weight problems.

Source: Dr R Stone, MD – Alternative Medicine, India


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