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Since vegetables, especially green ones, provide omega-3 linolenic acid, a diet fortified with quantities of fresh vegetable juice makes more sense than ever. You also avoid any worries about fish and water pollution. Grow you own veggies and you can avoid pesticides and other agricultural chemicals as well. I’ve been gardening for 20 years and have never used anything but fertilizer, mulch, and compost. You simply don’t need the petrochemical bug- and weed-killers.

A diet of juiced vegetables may provide such an abundance of linolenic acid that it overcomes any bodily reluctance to metabolize it properly.  I know of two people who tested this theory by going on periodic one-week juice fasts. Both individuals had been properly diagnosed with psoriasis by medical specialists. Over a period of weeks, both fully recovered.  Since psoriasis often comes and goes anyway, the real significance is that each person has remained symptom free for many years now.

Vegetable juice fasting is not starvation. It is just a lot of liquefied salad. A lot of veggies go into the daily quart or more of juice that a person commonly drinks while fasting. That is NOT too much liquid; doctors often recommend four to eight glasses of water daily. It is NOT too much “vegetable” in the diet; you simply cannot hurt yourself with produce. The juices DO provide carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and more protein than you might think. It is certainly a low fat diet, but a little fish oil may of course be added to take care of that.

Source: DoctorYourself.com


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