Medical Therapy

  1. PHOTOTHERAPY – Undergo light therapy or phototherapy to treat moderate cases of psoriasis. Light therapy uses artificial or natural ultraviolet light to kill T cells in the skin. This helps clear psoriasis by slowing cell turnover and reducing scaling. The American Academy of Dermatology states that phototherapy sessions may be required several times a week for four or more weeks before symptoms improve.  The natural UVB radiation from the sun can help treat scalp psoriasis. Spend 15 minutes or so per day in direct sunlight. Be sure to use sunscreen elsewhere on your body, though, if you’re going to be out longer.  There are a number of devices — some of which are sold for use at home — that create artificial UVB radiation for phototherapy. It’s perhaps debatable whether this is a purely natural treatment, but it operates on the principles of a natural remedy and allows for more controlled application of radiation that is potentially harmful in the long run.  Note, however, that overexposure to light when using the Sun as a source can cause sunburns which will exacerbate and irritate psoriasis and may spread to affected burned areas.

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