pH Balance Diet

Psorisias and Diet

pH = potential hydrogen

If your body chemistry is too acid you must eat more alkaline foods to assist psoriasis treatment. You can test your acid/alkaline balance by using simple litmus paper. If your urine is under +7, you are too acid.

Balancing your diet – Acid/Alkaline

When food is metabolised by the body the end products are either acidic or alkaline. Acids are compounds of elements, which give away hydrogen ions, alkalines are compounds of elements which attract hydrogen ions. The body needs both acids and alkalines for its metabolism but we have more difficulty getting rid of acids than alkalines. It is therefore easy for an accumulation of excess acids to occur which can cause us to get rheumatism or skin problems such as psoriasis. To avoid this, aim for a diet which is 70% alkaline and 30% acid. One of the simplest ways to immediately create more alkalinity in your body is to drink so-called superfood powdered drinks. Choose a brand that contains ingredients with high alkaline values such as spinach, broccoli, carrot, wheatgrass, barley grass, chlorella, alfalfa and sprouted grain powders.

To achieve a more alkaline diet you can consider replacing the following items in your diet:



Bread – all grains except buckwheat Sprouted grain bread or buckwheat bread
Grain-based pasta except buckwheat Buckwheat-based pasta or brown rice pasta
Chocolate and cocoa drinks Carob-based drinks
Tea, Coffee, Barley Cup Herbal Teas
(White) Rice or Oats Porridge Brown Rice, Millet or Buckwheat porridge
Meat and fish protein Soya products e.g. Soya Beans, Firm Tofu, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
Tempeh, Silken Tofu Firm Tofu
Peanuts NONE
Eggs Egg Replacer (Soya-based)
Gelatine Agar-Agar flakes

The following table of Alkaline / Acidity was developed by the Swedish nutritionist Ragnar Berg in the 1930’s.


ACID (-)

Cucumber +31 Rice with husks -51
Dried Figs +28 Bran -39
Raisins +16 Whole Wheat -38
Dried Rose Hips +15 Oat Flakes -30
Tomatoes +14 Eggs -23
Lettuce +14 Rye Bread -22
Mushrooms +13 Meat of all kinds -10 to -24
Mandarin oranges +12 Fish of all kinds -10 to -19
Celery +11 Whole Rye -17
Oranges +10 Cheese -17
Carrots +10 Cottage Cheese -17
Lemons +10 Peanuts -15
Leeks +9 Asparagus -14
Endive +9 Corn,polished -14
Spinach +9 Rice, polished -11
Gooseberries +9 Wheat Bread -11
Chives +8 Rye Crispbread -9
Buckwheat +8 Brussel Sprouts -9
Millet +8 Wheat Flour -8
Grapes, Dried Dates +7 Brown Beans -8
Bananas +7
Potatoes, peeled +7 Butter -6
Blackberries +7 Olive OIl -6
Plums +6 Linganberry -6
Cabbages (all types) +5 Corn Flour -6
Raspberries +5 Yellow Peas -4
Apricots +5 Green Beans -4
Peaches +5 Artichokes -4
Blueberries +4 Coconut flesh -4
Pineapples +4 Margarine -4
Prunes +4 Almonds, Hazelnuts -1
Black Currants +4
Cow’s Milk +4
Apples, Pears, Cherries +3
Onions +3
Strawberries +2
Melons, seedless +2
Sugar peas 0

The more -, the more acid the food is.
The more +, the more alkaline. 0 is balanced



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