Relieving Itchiness (Pruritus)

One of the most effect ways to beat the pruritus that results from psoriasis is the following:

  1. MOISTURIZE – Specialists recommend using a non-petroleum based moisturizer at least twice per day. Before bed, you can use a heavier moisturizer such as shea butter or natural oils, which will have a chance to seep into the skin overnight, repairing any damage done by dehydration. In the morning, a lighter lotion or moisturizer is recommended so as not to leave a greasy film on the skin.
  2. BOTANICALS – botanicals such as aloe vera can help have a soothing effect on the ravaging itch of psoriasis-inspired pruritus. These can be applied along with a  moisturizer, or many topical creams will include all of the above ingredients for maximum relief. These are best applied after a shower or bath.
    • TEA TREE OIL – products have no known side effects and they are giving good results in the treatment of psoriasis.  Several times per day – Apply to affected areas (alternating between a Tea Tree Cream and Lotion) for bigger areas). A Tea Tree product with Aloe Vera and Borage Oil (this combination is very effective in the treatment of psoriasis).  A Tea Tree Lotion – for particularly dry psoriasis areas.
    • Massage Psoriasis area with Chickweed juice. Fill a food mixer with Chickweed and 100ml still water. Mix for 2 minutes. Squeeze out the juice and massage into the affected area. You can also add 5-10ml Aloe Vera Concentrate.
  3. BATHS – Bathing in warm water rather than hot is also a good way to help lock in moisture, as hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and leave you feeling dry and itchy afterward. If you bath once a day or more, it’s particularly important to retain as much of this moisture as possible, especially in colder months.
  4. DRINKING WATER – Drinking an adequate amount of water and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes can also help in the battle against psoriatic pruritus – these help you fight the problem from the inside out. For anyone who habitually does not drink enough water, the difference in skin tone and overall health will be noticeable right away.  Many times skin problems, including infections or pruritus of all types, can be traced to dehydration. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables will also help with this problem.

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