Things Not to Do

  1. FOODS NOT TO EAT (Click here)
  3. DO NOT USE SOAP/DETERGENTS WHEN YOU BATHE/SHOWER – This dries up your skin.  The key is keeping your skin moist.
  4. AVOID ASPIRIN (NSAIDs) as it dries the skin (much like soap and detergents)
  5. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH YOUR SKIN – Could bleed and cause an infection.
  6. AVOID COLD WEATHER – Psoriasis is exacerbated as skin becomes very dry, itchy and irritated. Click here to read “Beat the Itch of Winter Skin“.
  7. DO NOT WEAR TIGHT OR SYNTHETIC CLOTHING. Tight clothing can irritate the skin and cause the skin condition to spread.  Synthetic fabrics may not allow the skin to breathe.  It’s best to wear loose cotton clothing so that psoriasis patches or lesions can breathe.
  8. DO NOT USE VASELINE OR PARAFFIN OIL OINTMENTS, creams and lotions. These suppress Psoriasis symptoms and patients think they are well again but the Psoriasis is still active in the body. Only use Vegetable Oils on your skin!

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